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I’m walking in the rain 行くあてもなく傷ついた身体濡らし 絡みつく凍りのざわめき 殺し続けて彷徨う いつまでも Untill I can forget your love 眠りは麻薬 途方にくれた心を静かに溶かす 舞い上がる愛を踊らせて ふるえる身体を記憶の薔薇につつむ I keep my love for you to myself * Endless rain, fall on my heart 心の傷に Let me forget all of the hate, all of the sadness Days of joy, days of sadness slowly pass me by As I try to hold you, you are vanishing before me You’re just an illusion When I’m awaken, my tears have dried in the sand of sleep I’m a rose blooming in the desert It’s a dream, I’m in love with you まどろみ抱きしめて *repeat I awake from my dream I can’t find my way without you The dream is over 声にならない言葉を繰り返しても 高すぎる灰色の壁は 過ぎ去った日の思いを夢に写す Untill I can forget your love *repeat Endless rain,let me stay Evermore in your heart Let my heart take in your tears Take in your memories *repeat
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