Lyrics Silent Jealousy X

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I'm looking for you Trying to reach your roses Carried away by the time 静寂の凶気に片目を潰されたまま You've gone away From the stage Leaving no words There's just fake tears left 偽りの真珠で飾った薔薇の花束を探す I'm blind insane In the red of silence Now I've lost your love 幻覚の愛に飼われた操り人形 Get me on my feet Get me back to myself Pretend you love me 指先まで真紅に染ったオレを見つめて もう耐えきれない孤独のセレナーデ 虚像の海に流して 夢から覚めた血塗れの天使を 胸に抱いても I can not stop Silent Jealousy Don't you leave me alone 悲しみに乱れて 戻れない愛を飾る 繰り返す孤独の中に Tell me true 何処に行けば 苦しみを愛せる I still want your love 愛を止めて くるい咲く記憶を消して (セリフ) I just wanted to stay with you I just wanted to feel your breath of grace I didn't know what to do I couldn't say anything When consciousness returned (セリフ) Everything had been washed away by the tide of time, even you But the scars of memory never fade away I can't stop loving you Stop my tears Stop my loving Kill my memories You dyed my heart in blood No way to kill my sadness 立ち去る前に殺して 叫気の愛に抱かれた瞳は 何も見えない 今も I miss you Can't live without you Silent Jealousy 夢に堕ちて 抱き締める記憶を Stay in yesterday 時を止めて 繰り返す孤独を消して Take me back to the memory, to the dream Silent Jealousy Don't you leave me alone 悲しみに乱れて Kill me, Love
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