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    > 桜もち🌸

    💖Thank you! 🌹

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    This reminds me of chaplin in talkie🌹bellísimo ✨
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    Wow💖l love this song very much and tried to sing it but it was too fast and I couldn’t sing at all. You’re amazing!! I going to follow you. 💓🌸
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    Thank you 😍👏👏👏💃🕺🎸#シシー
  • Marjorie  ⚘🇪🇸's user icon 🥁👏👏👏⚘ A beautiful collaboration 🕺💃🥁 Thank you くりばやし
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    > くりばやし

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your collaboration 🥁 Nice to meet you⚘

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    > マルプロダクション

    Birs are amazing animals! They are my favourite ones😊 Thank you to share a piece of your story with me. Once time we found an amazing bird... He was with my family during one week but for us it was an amazing experience... it was a bird called アガルポニ agarponi in Spanish...

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    A very very fun music!! And I added the bongo drum sound. My english is poor, sorry🙇🏻‍♂️ Thank you😊
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    > Marjorie ⚘🇪🇸

    what a interesting story it is! I also had a bird when I was a kid. She liked to sing songs loved music, just like me!😊

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  • Marjorie  ⚘🇪🇸's user icon Mona add a beautiful collaboration 💃🕺🎸🥁🎸👌😃👯‍♂️
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    I also joined :) It’s been in my list for long but I was never able to pronounce this tongue twister.. Finally did it, yeah! It was really fun! Thank you so much!
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    ai and your piano OMG 😱 💕 I'm loving it 😍🥰🤩💃💃💃
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    Una percusión increíble 😍😍😍😍😍
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    > ai

    Thank you so much 💕 💜 💖 ♥ Amazing collaboration 😃😍🤩👯‍♂️💃🥰

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    Muchas Gracias a vosotros. Me ha encantado encontrar esta canción muy difícil y aquí os dejo una curiosidad. Tico-tico es un pajaro, que por cierto, me ha acompañado desde mi tierna infancia, porque mi padre amaba a los pájaros. La musica habla de un pájaro que queria comer su fubá, que significa harina de maíz. Ella había puesto todas las trampas posibles para quebel pajaro no volviera a comer su fubá pero el pajaro se escapullia de todas ellas. どうもありがとうございました。 私はこの曲がとても難しいと思うのが好きで、ここに好奇心を残します。 ちなみにチコティコは鳥が大好きだったので、幼い頃から一緒に飼っていました。 音楽は、トウモロコシの粉を意味するフバを食べたいと思った鳥のことを伝えています。 鳥が再びフバを食べないように、彼女は考えられるすべての罠を仕掛けたが、鳥はそのすべてから逃げた Thank you very much. I have loved finding this song very difficult and here I leave you a curiosity. Tico-tico is a bird, which by the way, has accompanied me since my childhood, because my father loved birds. The music tells of a bird that wanted to eat its fubá, which means corn flour. She had put all the possible traps so that the bird would not eat her fubá again but the bird escaped from all of them
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    Wow! Eu também praticava essa canção mas nunca consigo… Incrível Marjorie👏👏👏👏