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BTS 방탄소년단 💕 ARMY 아미

안년하세요!!! This is ARMY's community😆 we can share our cover, talk about BTS, find new friends, and getting the update information about our boys (BTS) 💕 PLEASE JOIN AND PROMOTE THIS This page is dedicated to: 1. 김남준 [Kim Namjoon👉 Rap Monster (The Leader)] 2. 김석진 [Kim Seok Jin👉 Jin (The oldest+visual)] 3. 민욘기 [Min Yoon Gi👉 Suga (The rapper line)] 4. 중호석 [Jung Hoseok👉 JHope (The dance leader+rapper line)] 5. 박지민 [Park Jimin👉 Jimin (Vocal line+dancer line)] 6. 김태형 [Kim Taehyung👉 V (Vocal line+visual)] 7. 전정국 [Jeon Jungkook👉 Jungkook (The Maknae+Vocal line+Dance line)] 💕THAT'S OUR BOYS (BANGTAN BOYS) SHORT PROFILE💕
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