New features available on “nana Premium” !

July 31, 2019

Hi. This is nana operation team.

Thank you for enjoying our app “nana” every day.

It’s been 7 years in August 2019 since we started “nana”.

We decided to update “nana Premium” feature on this occasion for you to enjoy more.

We believe that the new “nana Premium” will offer you a better experience.

We will introduce a new feature in “nana Party”,  “Favorite notifications” and “Mute”.

Overview of renewed nana premium

1) [nana Party] You can be a host of the channel

“nana Party” is a new feature of nana, which you can sing with nana sound or play sound as BGM while you live stream. 

If you subscribe “nana Premium”, you can make a channel and be a host in “nana Party”.

Anyone can enter the channel and sing/play at the channel, but only “nana premium” member can make a channel. 

Let’s try and enjoy “nana Party” with your friends!

2)  “Favorite notification” and “Mute” are available.

If you subscribe “nana Premium” you can use “Favorite notifications”, which you can receive a 

notification when a specified user posted sounds.

On the other hands, “Mute” function will remove muted user’s posts from your feed. Muted accounts will not know that you’ve muted them.

3) You can use “Sort by popularity”

If you subscribe “nana Premium”, you can use “Sort by popularity”, which you can find trend sounds easy.

4) “Post secretly” and “Background play” will be offered only for “nana Premium”

●“Post Secretly”

From now on, “Post secretly” feature will be offered only for “nana Premium” members. Secret post which already posted will be remained secret, but once after you open to the public, you need to subscribe “nana Premium” to make it secret again.

●“Background play”

Also “Background play” feature will be offered only for “nana Premium” members.

3 month free trial campaign available now!

For you to enjoy new “nana Premium”, we have a great deal for a limited period!

If you subscribe “nana Premium” during July 29th(JST) to August 31st(JST), free trial duration will be extended from 1 week to 3 months!!

※If you subscribe "nana Premium” after September 1st(JST), the free trial duration will be 1 week.

※This campaign only applies to user who never used “nana Premium” trial campaign.

We will keep doing our best to be a more attractive app for you.

Thank you.

July 29, 2019

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