Interview with the Winners of nana Duet!

March 27, 2018

Today's topic is from our campaign "nana Duet" which ended recently. We picked up a team of two who have done a brilliant duet, and as a part of their prize, they get to be featured on our official blog!

Let us introduce the winners, Evelynkeii and kuks!


First, listen up to their award-winning collaboration!

Interview Summary 

When did you start music? Let us hear about your music life!


I love singing ever since I can remember but never did it professionally except from 5 years singing in a University Choir (Coro de la facultad de Psicología - UNC) in Argentina, where I'm from. There, I was able to learn some music theory (simple stuff only) and I could understand a little better how harmonies work which I love doing when I have the chance. But I consider myself a "shower singer" 'cause I do it just for fun. 


My passion for music has been there for quite some time now, I have been playing the guitar for nearly 11 years and I have graduated at the local music school for Jazz Guitar and Classical Guitar. I'm 19 now so if you think about it is more than half my life so far! I have been learning to sing on my own for about two years now so that aspect of music still feels really new to me, I'm slowly but steadily getting the hang of it. I've also very recently started a journey with percussion.

What is the most important thing you keep in mind when playing music?


When I make music something that I often try to keep in mind, especially when making covers, is to make it your own and not simply try to perfectly copy every note. Change up the rhythm a bit, a little bit of variations here and there. 

Evelynkeii_prof.pngFeeling it. I've always believed that if you really feel what you're singing or playing, no matter if it's the lyrics, the melodies or both, the ones who listen will be moved some way or another. It's about sharing...

Evelyn, what made you want to duet with kuks? 

Evelynkeii_prof.pngHe sounds really neat! Has a great voice color and is capable of playing and singing at the same time with great results. If you go through his profile you'll find he's got a sound that stands out.

How did you feel when Evelyn collab'ed on your acoustic sound?


I found her voice to really give that little bit extra to the song that it needed and she perfectly executed it :D 

What makes you both enjoy nana?

Evelynkeii_prof.pngThe fact that it's not just karaoke, but it gives me the possibility to get creative with songs is awesome. But the greatest thing is the chance of mixing talents through collabs in some kind of "creative chain". I always get anxious to know how the next collab over my track is going to sound like, and they are unique in all cases. 

kuks_prof.pngI really like it because it's a really fun and neat app to experiment with music and also be able to listen to yourself and others

Any free comments? 


I'm really glad that the staff picked my song and it's fun to be put into the spotlight a little bit. So thank you everyone at nana for making such an amazing app and supporting such an amazing community!! :D

Evelynkeii_prof.pngThank you for picking this song, and don't forget about the songs in spanish, you'll find excellent nana artists and songs. You can check them out by searching #nanañol !

nana is all about enjoying music in many ways trying new concepts as well as inspiring or being inspired by other people.

This all comes from our motto of connecting everyone through music. Through the music activity, we want everyone to find unity in diversity respecting different backgrounds, cultures and languages no matter how far we are apart in distance. It was a great opportunity for us to get connected with nana family from other parts of the world.

Stay tuned for the next campaign... you may get featured!

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